How to add money to facebook ad account?

Facebook ad is one of the most popular ad publisher platform on the internet where you can boost your facebook page post to reach more people.

Here is how a boosted post looks in facebook timeline:

Each public post ( except profile pic ) on a facebook page contains a boost link at the bottom:

The "boost post" button is used to boost your facebook page post. There are exceptions like you can not boost a facebook post that is about changing profile pic and live videos.

How much does it cost to boost a post?

It depends on your budget. The more money you add the more views you get.
The minimum amount of money to run a facebook ad is 40 rupees.

I personally started a facebook page ad with 40 rupees. The following is a screenshot of my facebook post that I boosted a year ago on 40 INR budget. :

The impression was quite awasome. My post received 156 likes and 872 people views. If the ad were boosted on Rs 80 budget , It would probably receive 200-250 likes and 1700 people views .

How to add money to facebook?

Adding money to facebook account is that simple.

All you need is a varified facebook account (by varified account I mean your facebook must be email or mobile number varified) and a debit/credit card and you can also use your internet banking or paytm account as an alternate option to add money.
some important things to note before you add money:

  • Use facebook web on your desktop or mobile chrome browser to add money .

  • Your debit/credit card must be provided by Visa/MasterCard/Amex etc.. . You can not use domestic card like Rupay on the facebook ad platform.

  • Open facebook desktop version in your mobile or PC browser. If you are using a mobile chrome browser, click on the request desktop site in settings of chrome.

Lets add money to facebook ad account now

Go to in your desktop or mobile browser.
Click on "request desktop site" in your browser setting if you are using a mobile device.
You will be redirected to your ads manager dashboard , the page will look something like the following in a mobile browser:

Click on the account menu link which is located on the left top as in the screenshot above.
Now you will land on your facebook wallet page which would look something like the following:

As you can see the balance in my fb account is 0. So to add money I would click on the add money button. This the final stap to add money. A pop with payment options will be displayed on your screen after clicking the button.

There are three available payment options that you can choose to pay.

  • Debit/credit card

  • paytm

  • netbanking

It only takes a few seconds to reach the money in facebook account when the payment is processed.
After adding the money to your facebook account, you can go to your facebook page and select the post you want to boost. Thats it!
Wasnt it simple?

Please feel free to post a comment below if I explained something the wrong way.
Thanks for reading!

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